10 Travel Packing Tips for Your Next Travel

10 Travel Packing Tips for Your Next Travel

There is science in packing for travel. Sorry to say that a lot of travelers learn it the hard way. Filling in things in a suitcase sounds like an easy thing to do. When in reality, it is easier said than done. There are travel packing tips for you.

Well, here’s a catch. 

There is a very thin line that separates a sleek travel from awful ones. Yes, I am referring to strategic stuffing. It is incredible to have everything you need at your fingertips, isn’t it?

Now, I want you to pay close attention to this. 

Whether it is a short stopover on a beach or a five-day business trip, you should learn the ABCs of packing for a travel. This includes picking the right suitcase and playing down your load. Let?s have it in detail though. 

As a regular traveler, the biggest challenge you look ahead is stressing out your luggage to the maximum. I understand that you can’t afford to put down any clothes or a pair of shoes that you plan to wear on your trip. You even worry about not getting enough suitcase space for all the souvenirs that you want to bring home.

Rather than carelessly loading your suitcase with tons of electronics, shoes, and clothes, hold up one sec. Try these travel packing tips. 

Travel Packing Tips: How to Pack for a Travel?

1. Jot down everything you need. 

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Yes, this is old-fashioned as it seems. But then, it is always helpful to have a list of the things that you will need for your travel. While holding that list, make sure to cross out items as you put them inside the suitcase. This saves you from the headache of the last-minute luggage digging to make sure that nothing is missed out.

2. Use the clothing countdown.

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Learn the 5,4,3,2,1 rule by heart. For a weeklong trip, don?t do beyond five underwear and socks, four blouses or tops, three bottoms, two pairs of footwear, and one headwear. If you feel like adding a pair of swimsuit, a workout gear, and a suit can make your travel more perfect, go ahead and pack them in. 

Make personal research about your destination such as its weather and the like. Information like this lets you decide what clothes to prepare to avoid being both overdressed and underdressed. 

3. Roll your clothes to save more space. 

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These days, neat-folding does not work anymore. Have you heard of the army rolling? Ordinary travelers surely know this technique. This is perfect when we speak of getting an extra suitcase space and wrinkle-free clothes. 

4. Place liquids in the plastic baggies. 

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Nobody knows what will happen to those bottles of toiletries inside your suitcase as you take on those extra miles. So it is clever to place your bottles of conditioner, moisturizer, and other liquids inside a sealed plastic bag. In case it leaks, it won?t ruin the rest of the things you have in your luggage. 

5. Use dryer sheets to get rid of musty-smelling clothes. 

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A dryer sheet does not only soften your clothes but also keep them smelling fresh. Have a few of these sheets in between your clothes. You?ll be amazed by the result.

6. Stay organized with pack cubes.

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Pack cubes help you organize your things inside your suitcase better. On a separate cube, store your clothes, electronic items, toiletries, and personal documents. The moment you arrive at the hotel, it becomes more convenient for you to transfer these cubes to your room?s dresser. 

7. Never throw in bulky footwear in your suitcase.

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What?s the point of stuffing your suitcase with a bulky pair of heels when you can wear them on? However, if you don?t find them essential for the trip, ditch those high heels. Wear something more appropriate and comfortable instead.

8. Grab a backpack or a tote bag for your personal items. 

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Airlines permit you to bring a carry-on bag for your personal items. As long as it fits the space under your seat, you can have it with you on the plane. Therefore, a tote bag or a backpack can perfectly lodge all your personal stuffs like makeup, electronics, medicines, and some important documents. 

9. Place the dirty laundry inside the packing cubes.  

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You don?t want to mess your clean clothes with those dirty ones, do you? Packing cubes controls stink coming from a filthy laundry. So keep the dirty ones inside a packing cube. But then, if you don?t have any packing cube with you, use a drawstring laundry bag as a substitute. Though this is not an ideal bag for this job, it still works. Hotels may offer you such upon request. 

10. Weigh your luggage.

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One thing that you don?t want to stress about is getting slammed with a monstrous luggage fee. Once you have done stuffing your suitcase, never forget to weigh it a few hours before the flight. Make sure that it does not go beyond the limit. A handy luggage scale can help you out. 

A Final Note!

If you want to enjoy a less chaotic travel, pay close notice of your suitcase. An organized suitcase means a seamless travel. It helps to pack lightly. Strategic luggage stuffing helps you get rid of the annoyance of scrambling everything up just to find the things you need. 

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