4 Zoom Alternatives That Encrypt Your Video Calls

Zoom Alternatives

Since millions of Americans work from home, many of them need a secure, reliable way to participate in virtual meetings with their colleagues. Zoom has been one of the most popular platforms for video calls. Zoom alternatives are necessities these days.

Unfortunately, Zoom has two major security flaws that put your personal data at risk. First, the company doesn’t encrypt your video calls. That means hackers could easily hijack your meetings, as well as steal sensitive information from your company. Secondly, it shares the personal data of users with third-parties – like Facebook – without their permission.

Another issue that many online workers don’t like about the app is that it monitors whether they are paying attention during virtual meetings – and sends that information to their boss. Therefore, if you are looking for a secure, private platform that encrypts your video calls with colleagues, here some popular alternatives to Zoom.

Zoom Alternatives for Video Calls

1. FaceTime

If you have an IOS device, FaceTime is a great alternative to Zoom. Apple is highly respected by privacy experts because of the great lengths the tech giant goes to safeguard their users’ digital security. For example, its nearly impossible for hackers to hack Apple devices. Furthermore, FaceTime encrypts all messages sent over the video call app. That means your private messages with colleagues are kept private.

2. Skype

Skype is a free video messaging app that is owned by Microsoft. The app allows video calls with up to 50 users – which makes it a great way to conduct virtual meetings. In addition to an app, there is a desktop version as well. Most importantly, video calls on Skype are encrypted.

3. Google Hangouts

The Google Hangouts video chat app is free for personal use. However, business users only have to pay $6/month to use the video call app. (There is a desktop version as well). The personal use version allows up to 10 participants – while the business version allows up to 25 participants in a video chat. That makes Google Hangouts a viable option to hold virtual meetings for many smaller companies. Unlike Zoom, video calls over Google Hangouts are always encrypted.

4. Signal

Finally, the Signal video messaging app is a more secure alternative to Zoom that uses end-to-end encryption to keep all of your messages private. The Signal app is available on both Android and IOS devices. However, there is a desktop version as well. Unfortunately, Signal is not an option for virtual meetings, as well as video calls between more than two participants. However, if you need to chat with a colleague and want the assurance that your conversation is encrypted and secure, Signal is a good option for that.

In short, if you are looking for a secure video call app that will keep your messages safe from hackers, FaceTime is a good alternative to Zoom (if you have an Apple device). If you are looking for a secure way to hold virtual meetings, Skype allows up to 50 participants in video calls. Another secure option for small virtual meetings is Google Hangouts.

Lastly, the Signal video call app is a more secure alternative to Zoom because it utilizes end-to-end encryption – which keeps personal video messages private.

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