5 Best Tools to Track Business Expenses

5 Best Tools to Track Your Business Expenses

The importance of tracking your business expenses is beyond expectations. It is sad to know that many businessmen still do not understand how significant it is to track business expenses. They look at it as time-consuming and taxing. I must admit, it is.

Tracking business expenses gives business owners several advantages. First, it helps them become more financially aware of what is going on with their business. Careful management of cash flow is far more essential than the cash flow itself. Never allow business expenses outstrip income. 

Another thing about tracking business expenses is that business owners become more prepared for the tax season. Nobody would love to scramble things around just to look for receipts and invoices. Meticulous keeping of tax deductable expenses provides business owners with money back. Proper tracking and categorization of business expenses avoid leaving your hard-earned money in the hands of a tax man. 

Lastly, tracking your business expenses gives you a vivid picture of how profitable your business could be. When it comes to profitability, never settle on an educated guess. 

On that note, listed below are the five best tools that many businessmen have found helpful in tracking their business expenses. 

Track Business Expenses with These Five Must-Have Accounting Tools



It is a cloud-based accounting tool that consolidates all scanned expense records and receipts. Its mobile receipt scanning app enables you to scan and submit receipts of expenses while you are on the move. It can automatically compute multi currency expenses vis-?-vis the exchange rate associated with the tool. It has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to organize your payments, invoices, expenses, and income in a very easy way.  

Wave can be linked to your bank account so that you won?t have to manually enter the receipts of your expenses. Save yourself from budget overruns with Wave. Lastly, it ensures that your business account is separated from your personal account as you pull up transactions from it.


Xero is the right tool for small business owners who want to have a comprehensive view of the business? outstanding invoices, bank balance, expense claims, and upcoming bills. It is a renowned account reconciliation tool that can record and report all credit card and bank transactions in real-time.

Being able to get helpful insights about your business? expense patterns is one of the many amazing benefits of using Xero for business.


It is software that connects the people working on a particular project- the client and the contractor for instance. This tool accurately bills work hours by tracking time spent on a project. Through this, budget overruns and random delays are passed up. Moreover, it does not only organize business expenses but also auto-categorize them to make tax calculation a lot simpler. You can store expense receipts in digital copies by scanning them via FreshBooks mobile app. You can also retrieve any of these documents at anytime and anywhere you want.

Zoho Books

It is designed for independent consultants and businesses. This tool takes care of all expense management tasks and accounting like a pro. It allows you to team up with stakeholders in real-time. It also saves you from manual expense entries as it automates expense generation of bulk and recurring operating costs. A detailed graphic report is made accessible periodically. So, you got more time to focus on strategic work after getting a clearer picture of your business? assets in general.

QuickBooks Online

Aside from having a consolidated dashboard that shows invoice details, payments, and billing details, QuickBooks Online has customer support that helps out users on matters about software set up down to execution.

This tool is one of the most-favored accounting tools among businessmen because of its predictive reports generation based on the preceding year?s everyday expenditure. It makes business owners handle their financial health better.

Now, here?s is the bottom line.

Keeping track of your business expenses using these tools does not only save you from running around like a headless chicken when tax season comes. It gives you the benefit of making good money from your chosen endeavor. As a bonus, it lets you stay on top of your business. 

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