5 First-Time Homeschooling Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Homeschooling for the First Time

As parents, we want to invest in our children’s future amidst the pandemic. As much as possible, we want them to continue getting the right education in the comfort of our homes. In reality, we look forward to allowing them to learn no matter how tough these times could be. We became prone to homeschooling mistakes.

Stuck on this point of view, this article comes to the rescue. As expected, the idea of homeschooling is coupled with trepidation among parents. Many parents can’t help but fear of the difficulties that they must courageously face as they guide their children through successful homeschooling. For parents of grade school learners, the challenge is certainly tougher. On the other side of the coin, others are excited about homeschooling.

Regardless of such diversity of perspectives, the success of homeschooling depends on the parents? commitment to load the school year with enjoyable moments and pleasing learning experiences for their young education seekers.

I know how you feel right now. Trust me. So allow me to share a little secret. The success of homeschooling vastly depends on knowing what mistakes to avoid rather than what things to do. Let me walk you through some of these mistakes that you have to avoid at all costs.

First-Time Homeschoolers’ Guide: Top 3 Common Homeschooling Mistakes

Top 1: Setting too idealistic expectations

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Setting unrealistic expectations is dangerous. Don?t feel bad every time you see your child not doing the things that other kids of his age do. Instead, take things lightly. There is always a perfect time for everything. For once, let him enjoy his learning journey by celebrating with him small achievements. Guide him patiently as he takes his baby steps to learning.

Top 2: Passing over breaks

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Thinking that a tense short day is well-appreciated by kids is worth a second thought. Regardless of age, learners value and enjoyable longer day rather than a frantic one. When it comes to learning, breaks are crucial. Let your child get a breath of fresh air. A five-minute break makes him more focused on his learning tasks. It motivates his creativity and engagement.

Top 3: Becoming Curriculum-Centered

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Never let the curriculum gain control over you. Revisit your purpose of sending your child to homeschooling. You want him to learn, isn?t it? If that?s the case, never go by the book. I mean, don?t proceed to the next lesson if your child has not yet still get the concepts right. Completing all the assignments or topics on time does not make sense when your child has not understood what he is doing.

Have the lessons paced base on his learning capabilities and understanding. If you want to try a different approach, go ahead.

2 More Common Homeschooling Mistakes

Top 4: Doing things alone.

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Homeschooling is not designed to be done single-handedly. No rule prohibits parents like you to seek help from a support network. If your pride holds you back from reaching out to others for assistance, smash it out. It is dangerous, I tell you.

As much as you do, your child needs socialization too. You may opt to joining home school conferences and signing up for online schooling programs. Seek home school support groups and meet other people online. Listening to other people?s experiences and thoughts helps.

 Top 5: Taking no notice of your children?s ideas.

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One thing that adds beauty to homeschooling is it is being like a two-way street. Ideas must not solely come from parents to kids. That?s too selfish of you if you do. Lend an ear to what your child has to say. Be more personal by checking with your kid?s thoughts from time to time. Of course, this does not mean taking him his freedom to make decisions on his learning. You will be amazed by what he can achieve if he feels that his thoughts are respected and being listened to.

Homeschooling Mistakes: Conclusion

The five homeschooling mistakes that I have shared with you above might not all apply to you. But at some point, you may bump into them if you pay less attention. Knowing what to avoid is a sure way to get things right. When we speak of homeschooling, the way you teach is all that matters. That is the real catch.

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