5 Ways to Control Your Smartphone Addiction

5 Ways to Control Your Smartphone Addiction

Rampant use of smartphones is dangerous. Smartphone addiction affects thousands of phone users these days.

It can lose our focus and deteriorate our mental health. Regrettably speaking, many smartphone users today take the matter too lightly. 

Studies have shown that average smartphone users check their phones every ten to fifteen minutes even in the absence of notification or alert. These users believe that if they fail to check their phones from time to time, they will miss out on important things. They fail to realize that too much time is wasted on doing trivial things on their smartphones.

I believe that there is a need to reprogram our behavior. Let’s tone down our smartphone usage before it’s too late. If you share the same page with me, get yourself ready to take on the challenge of curbing smartphone dependency. Here are five steps to do it. 

What are Easy Ways to Control Smartphone Addiction? 

Time is so precious to be wasted on FaceBook and Snapchats alone. Change your ways before it changes you. Here is how. 

Cut out the distractions. 

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Checking Instagram notifications after doing an all-day’s work won’t cause you any harm. It is a way lot better to turn off all notifications for social media apps. Doing so is easy. But it requires lots of courage and self-control. Simply click on “Settings” then “Notifications” and set your preferences. Turn off all notification for apps that you don’t use in performing your job. If you wish to be notified every time a message reaches your inbox, go ahead and turn that email notification on. 

Clear your home screen from distracting apps.

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As phone users, we aren’t conscious of our usage behavior. In most cases, we found ourselves doing so many things with our phone the moment we open a single app on it. We check FaceBook comments, chat friends, check the weather, and many more. 

Don’t let this poor phone usage behavior hinder you from being productive. Begin by taking off all social media apps from your home screen. Keep those apps that you need in completing your day-to-day tasks.  

Don’t sleep with your phone on top of the bedside table. 

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Place your phone away from your bed as you sleep. This way, you won’t be tempted to use it upon waking up. Use a regular alarm clock to wake you up in the morning instead. This is a perfect start to regulate your phone addiction. You don’t want to mess up your schedules, don’t you? 

Turn on your smartphone’s gray-scale to make it less attractive to look at.

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You won’t surely love seeing the gray-scale home screen and uncolored posts in your favorite social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. As you switch your phone settings to gray-scale, icons on your phone seem to appear less attractive. To do it, click on “Settings” and look for “Accessibility”. For Samsung smartphones, look for “Vision” and select “Gray-scale”. For iPhone, search for “Display Accommodations”. Next, hit “Color Filters” then choose “Gray-scale”.???

Stay focused on your goal to change.

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It is important to be mindful of your actions by keeping track of your smartphone habit. It would be helpful if you utilize apps like Moment or QualityTime as you follow all the four tips I enumerated above. These apps help you gauge any improvement in real-time. 

In today’s fast-paced world, living without smartphones is almost impossible. This technological advancement has made communication more convenient. Indeed, smartphones have been so useful to people regardless of age and the type of job they do. Unfortunately, the use of this supposed-to-be-helpful tool has become detrimental to health. Smartphone addiction has stolen important hours that should be spent on fostering good relationships with the people around them. Not to mention the damages it may cause to people’s health. Some of which are depression, sleep disorders, shortness of temper, loss of focus, etc. 

Don’t wait to experience any of these health risks before deciding to tone down your smartphone addiction. It should be controlled before it’s too late.

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