6 Breathing Hacks To Improve Productivity

6 breathing hack

Any workplace can be very stressful especially now with the pandemic we are more stressed than we’ve ever been to. When we are facing high pressure at work it is so easy to feel anxious, stress, and all sort of feeling and at some point, it is difficult to be calm and find focus. No matter what kind of work or work environment you are in, it is always good to have a plan to pause. So, reboot your mind when you feel that fatigue is taking over. Improve productivity. It is a must.

Moreover, productivity is essential to a healthy career and a healthy life. It will expedite your ability to return to your best and most productive self as well.

Our ability to stay focused and complete tasks is as important as breathing. With a hundred tasks to perform daily, we seldom pay attention to the needs of our bodies. One of the most vital functions our body performs is breathing and respiration which is definitely ignored the most. 

In fact, our productivity majorly depends on breathing. That being said, proper breathing is a way to improve productivity.

To help you with that, here are some hacks that will help you lower your work stress levels, help you avoid stress, and refresh your soul when you are under pressure. 

Ready? First, take A long, deep breath. With just that, you will already notice a change. 

Deep Breathing Exercises

Shallow breathing does not only provide us with lesser oxygen but also makes our lung tissues become lesser elastic. It affects our lung functioning and overall productivity. Take out some time to oxygenate yourself early in the morning. Sit in the fresh air. Breathe, deeply with abdominal movements.

Avoid Allergies

The most disastrous thing that happens to our breathing is the inhalation of allergens which can be dust mites, animal fur on your walls, furniture, carpets, and mats. In that case, choose adequate flooring for your house that can easily be cleaned of such allergens to whom we are exposed daily.

Home Planting

In addition, breathing in the fresh air gives you fresh oxygen. But, you can’t move around with an oxygen cylinder on your back all day. Plant at your home. Get a fresh dose of oxygen with every breath.

Use of Natural Home Fresheners

Natural air fresheners and air conditioners (west open windows) keep your breathing space fresh. Always opt for an airy living area. Also, clear your atmosphere with your favorite floral scent.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Apart from this, maintaining a perfect humidity level in your breathing space is a must. This might mean the use of ACs all day long if you live in a humid area. Planting and exhaust fans can definitely help.

Drink Water

Dehydration can cause breathing problems. In addition, water is vital. Adequate hydration is necessary for all bodily functions. Yes, that includes the lungs. Water is also very important for your mental and physical productivity. Besides, water is used in the nasal passages, bronchial tubes, and lungs and to keep them moist. It carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain and helps you be more productive.

Hope reading these breathing hacks inspired you to inspire and improve productivity. 

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