6 Online Sites That Will Make You a Genius

6 Online Sites That Will Make You a Genius

 The internet has been fed up with plenty of content. This includes self-help sites and time-wasting online games. At times, you get weighed down with the richness of its content. You numb your brain in spending most of your time online. You aren’t conscious about the importance of feeding it with useful information and make you genius rather than give you with mental exhaustion.  

Most of us tend to limit ourselves to sites that give us nothing but entertainment, social media sites for instance. Admit it or not, you are one of the thousands of people who check their notifications from time to time. You waste so much of your time doing pointless things on the internet. Worse, you are not aware of it.

But then, there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Get things right by shifting to more significant contents that teach you the basic of everything. Not sure where to begin? Not a problem. Go ahead and check the list of internet sites below.

6 Internet Sites that Make You Genius 

Today is your lucky day.

You can learn almost everything online for free.

1. CreativeLive

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Unleash your creativity by taking part in CreativeLive online workshops about design, video, music, photography, and many more. You’ll improve surprisingly.

2. Guides

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Also, Guides is the home of thousands of e-books that teach you about all the topics you have in mind. Some of which include entrepreneurship, health, fitness, etc. Guides is a publishing platform where anybody can share his knowledge and expertise through ?How to Guides?. These guides are accessible and free.

3. Psychology Today

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Indeed, when you want to understand yourself better and improve your mental wellness, Psychology Today is the site that you are looking for. It seeks help from a group of mental health experts who share their thoughts about parenting, anxiety, memory, cognition, and so on.

4. Udacity

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Moreover, it keeps an eye on bringing higher education to all the people all across the globe. This internet site is in the mission to help you improve your career by offering courses in programming, web design, business, marketing, and many more.  

Peeping through More Sites to Make You Genius

5. Highbrow

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Why waste five minutes of your time on garbage sites when you can spare it in learning something new? With Highbrow, your five minutes count. Rush up and check your inbox for a 5-minute lesson daily. Highbrow lessons do not just boost your mental health but improve your emotional intelligence as well. With lessons about CSS, body language, and SEO, you become a better person in a few short months.

6. Lumosity

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It lets you determine the mental skills that you look forward to perking up. Let?s say that you have chosen memorization and problem-solving, the site administers a baseline test to which your personalized program be patterned. Lumosity lends you a hand when it comes to the improvement of mental acuity.

The beauty of self-learning comes with the richness of the internet. It opens a bunch of wonderful opportunities to become skillful and knowledgeable. Making use of your time on these sites can let you hone a better version of you. Start learning something new and gear up to the indulgence of the sense of accomplishment every time you get your hands on new wisdom.

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