6 Parenting Hacks to Teach Kids to be Decent & Responsible

6 Parenting Hacks to Teach Kids to be Decent & Responsible

Knowing parenting hacks help us growing smart and successful children. Parenting is the toughest yet the most rewarding job in the world. However, most parents pleaded guilty for being least prepared for it. 

Raising responsible children is every parent’s dream.

But, how?

Research suggests that emotionally healthy and mentally gifted children are more likely to be victorious than those who solely rely on high IQ level only. That being said, elaborated below are the six parenting hacks that you can do to rear decent and morally-responsible children. 

Parenting Hacks: Tips for a Fulfilling Parenthood

Parenting Hacks 1: Increase your child’s sense of worth.

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Your child sees his worth through your eyes. His young minds take up every expression you show him including the way you speak towards him. He learns everything you do. He wants to be like you when he grows up. 

More than anybody else, you influence the way your child values himself. So make sure to celebrate small accomplishments with him. Learn to appreciate even his littlest success. Provide him with opportunities to make independent decisions. Through that, he gets to know what self-love means.  

In times of shortfall, bring him into a compassionate conversation. Make him aware of his limitations and mistakes. Be extra cautious in articulating your point to him. Choose your words with much prudence. Don?t fall into the trap of comparing your child with other people. It will make him hate himself more rather than inspire him to improve.   

2. Use positive parenting.?

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Have you tried counting the number of times you reacted negatively to your child?s actions in a day? Face it. You ticked off your child more than throwing him some compliments, don?t you? At that certain point, you are no different from a boss who sees his subjects as nothing but worthless.

Negative guidance, no matter how well-intentioned it could be, is dangerous. 

Find something worth praising on your child. Don?t be tightfisted in giving out rewards. Hugs and compliments are priceless. It works wonders when it comes to nurturing desirable behaviors in your child.  

3. Be consistent with house rules.

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Discipline is important. It is a building block of self-control especially among younger members of the household. As a parent, you must ensure order in your family. The best way to do it is by setting house rules. It gives everyone a whole picture of what you (as a parent) expect them to do plus the undesirable behaviors that they ought not to show. To name a few are name-calling, hurtful teasing, and hitting. Above all, be consistent and firm. If somebody violates the rule, impose its consequence. 

4. Spend time with your child.?

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Regardless of how hectic your work schedule is, always find time to be with your child. Consider yourself greedy if you can?t hand down at least ten short minutes for a family meal. Watch concert or football games together. Make popcorn or cook a good dinner. It is important to treasure each moment with your kids while they are still young. Studies show that misbehavior happens when children lack the attention they need. 

5. Model desirable behavior.

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Younger children take more cues from you. As much as possible, avoid acting in a hostile way in front of your child. Young minds might think of it as an acceptable behavior simply because you are doing it.

If you want to raise your child to be respectful and kind, model these virtues at home. Treat him with respect, kindness, honesty, and patience. This way, he mirrors these behaviors in a way he treats other people.   

Parenting Hacks 6: Exchange a few words with your child.

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Your child won?t do things he doesn?t understand. Like adults, he feels that he deserves explanations. He needs answers to his uncertainties. When problems arise, let your child feel that he is a significant member of the household by asking his views about it. Involve him in family-related concerns. Teach him to speak out his mind politely.

Indeed, parenting shortcomings are part of the process of nurturing little ones. Remember that the child we raise today can be the society?s future leader. We, parents, must see to it that we are raising not just smart children but also happy ones. Now, the challenge is on. I hope that you will find these parenting hacks helpful in dealing with common parenting challenges.

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