6 Profitable Businesses You Can Run from Home

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If you’ve been thinking about starting an online business, there is no time like the present. As so much of our lives become consumed by the internet, online entrepreneurs have access to a vast audience of consumers. Advances in technology have made it straightforward to set up a site and start promoting yourself. One of the first challenges an aspiring entrepreneur will face is deciding which enterprise is right for them. The following list looks at some of the most accessible and profitable businesses you can start today.

What are Profitable Businesses to Try?

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing removes the need to create products and fulfill them for customers, so you can run the business from anywhere. Your primary goal is traffic generation, sending leads to offers. In most cases, you will earn a commission when a lead buys a product. There are, however, some offers based on providing a ZIP code and other examples. While you are essentially building an asset for another company, you can start an email list and ensure you build your own long-term asset. Affiliate marketing is an excellent starting point for online entrepreneurs, particularly when you want to work from home.


A dropshipping business lets you sell physical items, but you don’t need to stock and deal with the goods. There are various suppliers around the world offering products in numerous niches. As a dropshipping business, you will market the items and take payment before ordering them from the supplier. The order will then be shipped directly to the customer without you needing to touch the goods. As long as you can earn a profit when you factor in the item cost and ad spend, you can make the business work.

Content Creation and Editing 

Content marketing is the primary promotional strategy for many companies. Many of these businesses don’t have the internal expertise to create quality content, though, so they rely on external help. If you can develop high-quality content, you should find a demand for your output. Content could include video creation and editing, article writing, graphic design, and social media marketing.

Info Products 

Info products are proven sellers as more people turn to the internet for their education. Virtually every niche will have info products teaching various aspects of the industry. Products usually focus on teaching a skill or solving a problem. For example, fitness classes, coding lessons, entrepreneurship, and much more can be covered in a course. You could sell the product yourself or make use of a large marketplace like Udemy and Clickbank.


There are numerous blogs across all types of niches. If you can offer something of value, though, you can always find an audience. Large businesses can focus on broad industry topics, but individuals usually do better when they offer focused content using their own voice. Showing your personality within your blog posts will help develop loyalty, while you can generate attention by offering strong opinions.

Influencer Marketing 

Brands are increasingly willing to invest in influencer campaigns. Businesses have recognized the value in promotions from influential people in their niche, allowing them to directly reach targeted audiences. You can become an influencer by promoting yourself on social media, using Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to build a following. Try to make content that is authentic and resonates with your own values. Over time, brands will want to work with you as your influence grows.

Profitable Businesses: Final Words

Each of these businesses has proven to work for countless entrepreneurs, either as a primary income stream or a secondary endeavor. Working from home has many benefits including the removal of commuting times and the ability to be your own boss. However, it will still be challenging to make your mark in a competitive environment. When you focus and stick to a clear plan, it is possible to gradually grow your operation until you start to build a brand identity.

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