7 Apps for Remote Business

7 Apps to Use for Your Remote Business

COVID-19 hits the world’s economy very hard. As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose without giving a good fight. Admit it. The lockdown which lasted for a couple of months, has caused you big financial loss. So, you’ve decided to run your business remotely to bounce back. With that, you need to know some apps for remote business.

To be honest, I admire you for such bravery. Running a remote business is not everybody’s game. Keeping the remote workers together even with their unique characteristics and location differences demands an incredible management skills. Fortunately, there are several great apps today that can help you bring your remote team on the same page.

What are the 7 Best Apps for Remote Business?

When it comes to brainstorming sessions, video and audio communication tools are essential. Project management tools, on the other hand, can help business managers effectively put all their employees? tasks in order.  

1. UberConference

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UberConference is an impressive tool for video conversation. It works as if you are engaged in a real conversation. Unlike other existing communication tools, UberConference does not require any PIN. It has some unique features that are perfect for staff meetings and deliberations. Some of these include screen sharing, analytics, document sharing, and capability to make another call while you are engaged in an on-going video conference.     

2. Join.Me

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This app is one of the most popular due to its user-friendliness. It is suitable for webinars. To join a meeting, first-time users need to key-in a meeting code provided by the meeting host. They may opt to create their account too.

3. Google Hangouts

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Aside from being very functional, Google Hangouts is fast and reliable because of its intuitive interface. Since it is powered by Google, it is well-suited to all Google services. It can be used in phone calling, video calling, and messaging. Although this app is not recommended for team conferences, it is a perfect option when it comes to exchanging a few words with clients. Well, almost all clients have Google account these days.   

4. Skype

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Over the years, Skype continues to fulfill its promise for a rewarding instant messaging and group call experience. It is amazing to know that this app includes new features other than group video calling. I am talking about instant messaging, screen sharing, voice messaging, and document sharing. It can be used for calling landline and mobile numbers too. Having this app in place allows you to reach your clients through their landlines.

5. Meistertask

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As far as task management is concerned, Meistertask is the name you can count on. The simplicity of its interface can make your every project less difficult. It provides you with a project overview and progress reports. Its project board is adaptive to your team?s workflow. With Meistertask, you can stay on top of your remote business.    

More Amazing Apps for Remote Business

6. ProofHub

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Loved by many remote teams all across the globe- that is ProofHub. As you sketch out your team?s day-to-day tasks, this app lets you pool your resources and get things done on time. You can also use it as you team up with your clients too.

Another thing that makes this app very sought-after is its easy-to-use interface. Its features include custom reports, time tracking, online proofing, real-time discussions, file sharing, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and task management.

7. Apollo

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Apollo’s user-friendly interface is remarkable. It has an out of the ordinary functionality. Through it, you can make complex tasks look way a lot easier. It simplifies the tasks and maintains efficiency at all times.

This project management tool allows you to schedule duties, organize tasks, integrate e-mails, set project milestones, create contact tabs, and manage team discussions.

Apps for Remote Business: A Final Note

For a remote business owner like you, there is no way that distance can hinder your team to make a good profit. The experience in running a remote business can never be this good without these project management and communication apps that I shortlisted above. With these tools, I bet that you are more than ready to dash a remote business. Go ahead and take the lead.

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