7 Apps That Will Help You Track Your Spending

7 Apps That Will Help You Track Your Spending

Track your spending! Most, if not all, personal finance aspects embark on a fussy method of tracking expenses. Normally, we make changes in the manner we spend after exploring our expenses up to the last centavo. It is our obligation to know where our money goes.

To make our lives better, we must have an idea where we stand most especially when it comes to finances. We are very fortunate to have lived in an era where expenses tracking has become less challenging.  We don?t have to suffer the hassle of preparing long hand-written paper and pen computations of our expenses in a month. Moreover, we don?t have to toss several bank statements all over again just to have an idea about how much we spend over the last couple of months.

What is the point of doing all these things when we can simply link our existing financial accounts to a spending tracker? The market has been very generous in providing us with numerous apps that can let us see the financial reality that we are currently in. These apps can track our spending comprehensibly through graphs and charts.

Top 7 Spending Tracker Apps of 2020

Shortlisted below are the seven most useful apps for budget and spending tracking. Let me to talk about each of these apps starting at the bottom.

#7:Track your spending with Mvelopes

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If your goal is to build better money management habits through professional help, spending an extra on a tracking app like that in Mvelopes is clever.  

This digital budgeting app enables you to access your resources and financial records right after linking your bank account on it. Depending on the type of membership you sign up for, take advantage with personal coaching that can help you better manage your finances. At $6 to $59 each month, additional features are made available for your benefit.

#6: Goodbudget to Track Spend

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Are you working your way out of debts? Goodbudget is a name you can trust. With Goodbudget, you and your partner can have a free access to your mutual account through your individual devices. The app brings the both you on the same page. So that being said, you both can think about how much you much more you needed to earn to be completely debt-free.

As the name suggests, Goodbudget helps you manage your budget. It makes use of a digital envelope system wherein you can store your budgeting data and past spending. The system then gets your expenses tracked on the spot.

#5: Track your spending with Dollarbird

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When it comes to layout, this spending app is the simplest. You can have a clearer view of your expenses for the past months in different categories. Unlike Tiller and other spending trackers, this app does not track your expenses automatically. You are required to manually key-in your expenses on the system. The good thing is that, you don?t need to pay for it. Unless you want to purchase a business-version of Dollarbird for your business, it is offered for free.

#4: Clarity Money to Track Spending

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This money manager app can be linked to any existing financial institution you have. It does not only show you your expenses through monthly illustrative charts, it also gives you a picture of your total spending by store. Clarity Money helps you terminate unnecessary subscriptions that you might have put out of your mind. This feature makes it unique from the rest of the spending trackers available in the market.

#3: Personal Capital Spending Tracker

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If you are an investor who wants to build long-term financial goals rather than merely tracking your spending, you got the right buddy. Personal Capital is a user-friendly app that lets you track your spending through graphs at the side of amazing investment opportunities.

The app comes for free. However, if you are willing to pay extra for a bunch of investment recommendations coming from no other than renowned financial experts, go ahead and grab the Personal Capital software paid version.

#2: Mint to Track Your Spending

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Being one of the oldest tools for budgeting, Mint continues to help people gain an idea about their financial standing in an instant. Good thing- it comes free of charge. The app has remained faithful in assisting thousands of individuals in their spending and budgeting needs.

Similar to other existing spending trackers, Mint has several limitations too. You might find yourself being caught in trouble with synching out your bank account with Mint. As a result, you can?t see some transactions real-time.

#1: Tiller Money Spending Tracker

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Being the Top 1 on the list means being the best spending tracking and budgeting app in the market. Tiller Money allows you to view your financial accounts with no trouble- be it your credit card accounts, your checking accounts, or your bill payments. In detail, you can customize its tracking sheet based on your needs.

Once you have perfectly-tailored your Tiller Money account, it automatically imports your up-to-the-minute spending in real-time. Charts and graphs are customizable to ensure that they are comprehensible enough to give you an idea about how your spending habits have changed over the months. Setting your feet on a clear ground as to where your money goes is an important aspect of achieving your predetermined financial goals.


There is no such thing as perfect budgeting app. The key is choosing what suits you best based on your unique financial goals. If you keep an eye on a user-friendly option, Clarity Money is a good pick. But if you want something automatic, easy-to-access, and customizable, Tiller Money deserves a shot.

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