City Living vs Country Life: Which is Better to Live?

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There has been a long time debate on where it is better to live. If you find yourself thinking of having to move somewhere, you would think: Is it better to live in the city or the countryside? How do you know which is right for you? 

This article will help you decide between the city move and the life living in the country. They are two entirely different ways of life so we will lay out the advantages and disadvantages. 

Before we do so, let’s define the following: 

What is Rural or Countryside Living?

A rural or countryside is an open area, has acres of land with very few homes and, few people and few commercial buildings. The homes and buildings are far away from one another unlike in the city. The rural area is also known as living a village life. There is plenty of wildlife and agriculture mostly is the primary source of income or living. Most of people love living in the countryside because everything feels slow and peaceful. 

What is City Living?

On the other hand, city living has been appealing to a lot of people because of a lot of reasons: high-rise buildings, public transport, shopping areas, and amenities. EMany of the famous cities that people would love to live in is New York, LA, Boston, and more. 

Now that we have defined each type of living we will layout its Pros and Cons. 

Better to Live Facts: Pros of City Living

Obviously, you can get almost anything you need and want when you live in the city. Large cities like  New York, London, etc. are way more developed and offer more opportunities and cultural experience.

Life in the city is fast-paced. For some it is overwhelming but for others, it can be inspiring as it gives hope to every dreamer. No matter what your education degree is, skills, age, there will always be a job for you in the city. 

Transport and Technology are easy.

When you live in a highly developed city, you can get from place to place even if you do not have a car. The city has extremely well-connected transport links, with regular lines circling the cities that can help you save on transport. You are secured as most cities have CCTV on every corner to monitor activity and ensure one’s safety.

Amenities. You will never get tired or bored when you are living in the city. There are endless shops, restaurants, museums, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, local ethnic shops, gyms, music and sports venues, galleries, etc. The city typically attracts younger demographics mainly because of its ability to offer a diversity of the said amenities.

Cons of City Living

With the irresistible reasons of why it is great to live in the city, It also has its disadvantages. 


When you live in the city most you need to buy everything and they are expensive. Besides the high cost of living, restaurants, shops, rents, clothes, food, they all come at a premium price. 

There is still a good thing though. Establishments tend to offer discounts and have regular sales to attract city dwellers who could take advantage of the goods. 


It can feel like a rat race every day in the city most especially if you are living in an overcrowded city.


This is probably one of the main disadvantages of living in a city. They try to maximize space to accommodate more people to come into work or live. Because of that, there is a higher level of pollution, there are few to no green space and this could result in you feeling stress. Overpopulation also means that there will be a challenge to form a tight-knit community. 

Better to Live: Pros of Country Living

If you want to have a more zen and slow life, the country is the best choice for you. Escape the noise, stink, overpopulation, country living is the best option.  In this section, we will share with you the amazing benefits of living in the countryside. 

There is so much to see and do in the country.  Just look out your window and all you will see are greeneries with a lot of peace and quiet. 

Fresh and Cleaner Air.

This is the best perk of living in the country. You won’t smell garbage when you inhale, you get to reap the benefits of cell-improving phytochemicals released by plants, fungi, and microbes. You will have the space you need to set up your own garden and animals you can raise your own. There is much less traffic because cars are not idling in traffic, unlike the city.


When you live in the country, there is space for everything. You can have dogs, a playground for your kids. If you want to build a home, you have the room to do it. If you want more privacy in your life, then consider getting a home in the country. You will have no trouble finding time for yourself with fewer people around.

Unlimited Access to Local Produce

Another major perk of living in the countryside is access to organic food. There are plenty of farms or even in your backyard where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. That alone ensures that your body and mind will be in great shape. 

Less Stress. Life in the country is more peaceful, calm, and less exhausting. Living on this side reduces the risk of you having mental or psychological problems that include anxiety, mood disorders, or worse. 

Cons of Country Living

Living in the country considering these reasons are already enticing enough to convince you to move. The next items we will provide you the potential disadvantages.

Recreation and Other Fun Activities

One of the major disadvantages of living in the country is that there are fewer activities you can enjoy. Unlike big cities they have a variety of shops and restaurants, museums, libraries, galleries, in the country, you will need to be creative and think of ways that will keep you busy. 

Job Opportunities

Unless you are working remotely, it will be challenging to find a high-end job in the countryside. Most of the people are focused on agriculture as this is the primary source of living. 

Health Facilities

This is also one of the major issues of residents in the countryside. Even if there are good doctors, in cases of severe and prompt treatment will require you to drive to the city which can take a few hours. 

Travel Time

In the country, the vital establishments are miles away from each other and really take a lot of time to go from one place to another. Having your own car in the country is almost always a necessity so you can manage the time. 

City or Country: Better to Live Where?

We can conclude that wherever you decide to live, comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Whichever you choose to relocate, prepare yourself to the new surroundings and your new way of life. 

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