Distinguishing the Good and Bad Habits When You Work From Home

Distinguishing the Good and Bad Habits When You Work From Home

Remote working has become a full-grown option for employees all across the globe. Like any other thing, working from home entails a couple of benefits and drawbacks. Time- saving, cost-effectiveness, and talent pooling are some of its benefits; while, poor sleeping habits and poor personal hygiene are its common drawbacks. There are good and bad habits when you work from home.

Working from home is a treat.

To seize the best of it, you must work smart. In today?s digital era, the way we work has changed. As we speak, more and more individuals work from home. 18% of the workforce has bid goodbye to the usual nine-to-five work.?

Indeed, working from home comes with a unique set of challenges. You may be at risk of acquiring bad habits as you become too comfortable with the way you work. But then, the desire to accomplish the tasks is what inspires the employees to integrate good habits as they work from home. 

At this point, you will be learning the good and bad practices that remote workers can pick up in this kind of work arrangement. 

What are the Good and Bad Habits When You Work from Home?

Communicating through various mediums 

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Remote workers are expected to be capable of using different mediums of communication like emails, phone calls, instant messages, and face chats. Although deep down, they have a strong preference for any of these methods, they must not limit themselves to learning only a few of them. To be an effective remote worker, they must be capable of utilizing these communication mediums like a pro. 

Dressing up for a job 

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Working in pajamas is indeed very comfortable. But, remote workers know how beneficial dressing up is in setting their mood at work. Dressing up professionally makes you look a lot better during Skype or Zoom meetings too. 

Learning self-discipline and work-life balance

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Successful work from home workers set strict rules on their own. They start and end the workday on time. They manage their work schedule and do no work beyond that. There must be a solid line between work life and personal life.

Organizing tasks resourcefully

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A task list helps remote workers stay focused on the tasks they need to do despite how off-putting the distracters are. They organize their tasks based on priority. On the last hour of their workday, they review the items on their to-do-list to check for any unfinished task. They set these ongoing tasks as the priority on the subsequent day.  

What are the Bad Habits When Working from Home?

Irregular sleeping habit

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Getting a skimpy amount of sleep is dangerous to a person?s health. Although staying up late to at night sounds attractive to workaholic remote workers, a poor sleeping habit is detrimental to mental health. Not just that. It also causes irregular metabolism, high-stress level, obesity, and many others. 

Poor self-care

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Believe it or not, many remote workers forget about their hygiene the moment they open their laptops. Since they are too focused to get the tasks done; they don?t realize the value of self-care in improving their focus and mood. Taking a good shower and putting on something fabulous can help them feel more enthusiastic about getting to work. 

Bad eating habit

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For remote workers, it is very difficult to tear themselves away from their computer most importantly when they are working on tight project deadlines. This leads to poor eating. Aside from the obvious health issues resulted from poor eating habits, snacking processed foods regularly does not give remote workers a solid boost of energy needed to complete tasks efficiently. So, don?t settle on nachos and peanut butter alone.

Neglecting health

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Similar to their nine-to-five counterparts, work from home employees also have the privilege to enjoy day-offs and sick leaves. But since they work from home, they never mind working amidst minor sicknesses like colds and fever perhaps. Most of them, especially the highly competitive ones, don?t let a clogged nose stop them from being on top of their jobs. Ignoring these small signs of health problems can cause more serious health challenges in the future. Our body needs some rest. So we must. 

Finally, being able to distinguish the good habits from bad ones is crucial in the success of a remote worker?s career. The mindfulness of these habits allows employees to double their effort in changing their ways for the better. Now, the challenge is on. Eliminate the bad habits and improve the desirable ones. 

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