Essential Oils Can Help Improve Your Workouts

3 Ways Essential Oils Can Help Improve Your Workouts

You may use essential oils in a number of ways through your day. Applying it when cleaning the house or when feeling anxious is usual. There are some times that you have it when you find it difficult to sleep. If you don’t use them to enhance your workouts, however, you’re depriving yourself of one of the best ways to put essential oils to work in your life. Since essential oils are extracted from biological sources, they tend to contain many of the compounds that your body needs to function. Whatever you need at any given moment — energy, healing, or anything else — there’s an essential oil that you can pick up for it.

Facts about Essential Oils: How to Use It?

Make sure that you get your morning workouts.

Getting an alarm clock to go off isn’t always the best way to get yourself to work out early, not even if you try the trick of placing your alarm clock far out of reach. If you want a way to stop feeling tired and heavy with sleep once you get up, juniper can help. A powerful stimulant, juniper essential oil can help your body push away fatigue, and get ready for action. All you need to do is to rub a few drops of the essential oil on your body when you wake up.

Prepare to put greater effort into your workouts.

To many people, essential oils are the substances to turn to for their soothing, calming effects. Other oils, on the other hand, help bring out energy and willingness to work out. A study published under the title The Effects of Peppermint on Exercise Performance, indicates that athletes trying circuit workout moves — strength, jumping and so on — are able to enjoy greater blood flow and oxygen consumption after just one day using peppermint essential oil.

In the study, subjects were allowed to consume 0.05 ml of essential oil of peppermint blended with 500 ml of water each day for ten days. The improved effects on the athletic performance of the study subjects were visible after one day of use. Faster speeds on the treadmill were observed across the sample.

Peppermint oil also helps with the brain fog that afflicts some people at the end of strenuous workouts. Consuming peppermint oil can help by increasing alertness and focus.

The essential oil of lemon can help you stay hydrated better through a workout. Adding a couple of drops of food-grade oil to a bottle of water and drinking it prior to a workout can help.

Help your sore muscles recover after a workout.

Essential oils are absorbed by the tissues that they are applied to. This property makes them effective when you need to help your sore muscles recover. If you tend to experience aches and pains after a workout, lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus can help. Capsaicin can prevent pain signals from reaching your brain, as well. Being pain-free can help you sleep better, and recover more readily.

Chamomile, frankincense, and sage are also linked with improved muscle recovery after exercise. Direct application is the best way to use essential oils on painful muscles. Apply it around the neck, the lower back, the legs, and the knees. Marjoram, especially, helps warm the muscles that it is applied to, and helps soothe them.

Using essential oils to improve your workout experience may seem simplistic, but it does tend to work in many people. All you need to do is to try it out.

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