Glasses Fogging Up? Try This Trick

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As the coronavirus outbreak hits the world, everybody has gone out crazy just to buy face masks and wear them for protection against the virus. According to experts, face masks endow a bunch of benefits to people. These face coverings have saved thousands of people from getting infected with coronavirus when used appropriately. However, a pair of fogging up glasses is a challenge.

Tips on Wearing a Face Mask without Fogging Up Your Glasses

Wearing a face mask is a must for everybody- except kids under two years old. 

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The fear of getting infected with COVID-19 makes a lot of people wear face masks including those who are not used to it. As we can see, the use of face masks, along with frequent handwashing and social distancing have trimmed down the cases of COVID-19 in the affected countries. Such a fact is based on research. Undeniably, wearing face masks is a way to get rid of this pandemic. However, wearing them on kids under two years old is a suffocation risk. 

Fogging Up Glasses: Discomforts in Wearing Face Masks

In an email, Jason McDonald, CDC spokesperson, advised us to avoid putting on face masks on children two years old and below because it can cause inadvertent suffocation. A cloth face mask impairs breathing which can lead to death or injury. 

On a similar note, some adults are not used to wearing face masks. This includes many glasses-wearers all over the US. These people admitted to having a problem with “foggy lenses” as they wear a face mask. Getting your glasses fogged up is insane. Can you imagine how stressful it is to take your glasses off, wipe them, and put them back on every time it gets fogged up? 

But, do you know why does our pair of glasses fogged up when we wear a face mask? 

What are the Reasons Behind Fogging Up Lenses?    

When cold meets hot, glasses fogged. As you stay outdoors with your pair of glasses, then return inside the house where the air is hotter, you get fogged glasses. When worn with face masks, your cool pair of glasses can fog as your hot and moist breath puffs up towards them. As the condensed water vapor stays on the lenses, droplets stay on them because of surface tension. So, wiping these droplets off these lenses does a little help since more of them are formed as you breathe. 

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Getting into this circumstance is a mess. Below are some tips that you might find helpful in getting rid of a fogged pair of glasses as you wear a coronavirus protection face mask. 

How to Avoid Fogged Lenses as You Wear Your Face Mask?

Fold the upper portion down. 

Before wearing your face mask, check if it perfectly covers your nose and mouth. For loose face masks, fold down the top portion of it and wear. You can prevent your breath from coming in contact with your lenses since you are providing it an extra space to escape out from the face mask that you are wearing. 

Insert a folded tissue in your face mask. 

The tissue that you placed in your mask hinders your breath?s moisture to condense. As a result, no droplets will form on the surface of your lens. 

Use soapy water when washing your lenses.

Study in the Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons England shares some ways to ensure that your pair of lenses won’t fog. Right after putting on your face mask, wash your lenses with soapy water then remove the excess through shaking. Soapy water leaves behind a very thin surfactant film which prevents moisture from condensing in its surface. This is how soapy water breaks the so-called “surface tension” in the lenses. Next, remember not to put it back on when it is still wet. Instead, let it dry in the air or through using wiping a very soft tissue on them. 

The Bottom Line

It is still up to you which method to try. As long as you wear a mask to protect yourself from the virus. Choose a method that you are most at ease with. 

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