How to Know Your Tech Personality Type?

How to Know the Type of Tech Personality You Have?

Your personality determines your success in the career path you choose to take. It makes you more flexible and creative in the workplace. Having a grasp of the kind of tech personality you have enables you to discover the job to which you are being called for. 

The 5 Different Tech Personality Types that You Should Know About 

Ambitious 9-to-5er 

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You have this type of personality when you still figure out what you want for a career or if you are just starting your chosen endeavor. You define a good job with the amount of money you earn from it. For you, salary determines how happy you are with your job. Most times, you desire to jump off to a new job in three months or less because you keep on hunting for a job that can pay you $50,000 or more. At some point or another, you think of yourself as someone incapable of learning and acquiring a new skill. And that you would rather work for a non-profit or charity organization. 

Ambitious 9-to5ers (like you) are all set for an on-site and full-time career provided that a career path has been chosen beforehand. A rewarding future awaits you if you are willing to invest some of your time in learning new skills at this point.

Conscious Coordinator

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You are a conscious coordinator if you have been working in your chosen career for five to ten years now. Maybe because of your lengthy work experience, you might think that you are too old to learn a new skill. Despite that, you are still willing to dedicate ten hours a week (maximum) in acquiring new skills. 

What makes you unique from other people is your ability to keep things in order. You are penny-wise too. You look forward to earning $75,000 or more for your family. It is not a surprise to see you work in digital agencies or fashion and design companies since these jobs pay you good cash. 

When asked about one thing that you could change about your job, it is no surprise if you choose to work from home since it defines a perfect workplace where you can spend quality time with your kids and do another income on the side, maybe.


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Even in the face of being extremely busy at work, you are not making the right amount of money you deserve to get. It?s been some time that you have taken a break from your career. As we speak, you might be thinking about getting a full-time and on-site career that you love doing. You deserve an upgrade. Although you seem hesitant to learn new skills because of your demanding work schedule, you are willing to dedicate ten hours a month to seek a little upgrade.

You?ll need it as you keep an eye on earning $100,000 or more. 

Pragmatic Professional

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You need nothing but a fulfilling and rewarding full-time on-site tech job at a reputable company. A financial institution or a law firm is perfect. You are eager to face new challenges and new clients every day. Aside from the perks that await a tech worker like, you completely understand how your career gives you job security and interesting pay. You keep an eye on making $150,000, don?t you? 

At the back of your mind, you want to set your own work schedule and be your boss. Although you are not willing to learn the skill of coding because of its cost, you still devote ten hours of your time each month to learn new skills most especially when it is work-related.  

Freelance Hero

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You are the boss. You are skillful enough to set your own rate and choose your clients. With the increasing number of small businesses that need websites, you are more than ready to start a freelance career now. You don?t have to work for someone else?s company because you can start your own. Have the advantage to work anytime and anywhere. So buckle up and face new clients and earn $150,000 or more. 

Tech Personality as Viewed in a Broad Spectrum

The significance of the connection between a job and personality cannot be overstated. Choosing a career that best suits your personality can give you the pleasure in what you do. Failure to do so may result in a stressful and fruitless work milieu.    

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