Is the Gaming World Helpful or Harming Us?

Is the Gaming World Helpful or Harming Us?

Video games are designed for varied purposes. Some provide mere entertainment. But some provide opportunities for us to learn and acquire important life-skills. However, the debate is still on as different people hold varied perspective on video games. Is the gaming world helpful?

Do you know that video games teach us some skills that are not taught at school? Allow me to present some things that you should know about the world of gaming.

Gaming World Facts

The Pros of Video Gaming

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Is gaming helpful or harmful? Let?s see. 

As we play video games, we learn to?

Work as a Team

Most online games are played along with several players all over the world. This ignites our sense of collaboration and socialization. Through this, we were provided with the opportunity to make better group decisions. Not only that, but we also learn how to make use of our fullest individual potential to win the game.

Solve problems independently

Do you know that doctors and soldiers are advised to play video games?

Fast-paced games demand an impulsive but wise decision. In addition, exposure to this kind of challenge hones our decision-making skills as we make smart choices under pressure. Accuracy is another thing. And, we learn how to calculate parameters correctly as we play. Games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope can develop creative thinking among us as we try to triumph over the obstacles.

Think fast

Moreover, action games simulate real-world situations. Games like this are a great venue to make good decisions without sacrificing accuracy. The more frequent we play these games, the sharper our cognitive functioning can be. Clearly, our brain progresses incredibly fast and solves problems quickly when we are intensely focused on winning the game.

Plan and manage resources

Additionally, we should create a plan on how to utilize our limited resources as we keep our eyes on winning the game. Knowing how to use the resources intelligently is key to a successful life. Video games allow us to improve our mapping ability as we steer around the virtual world.

Multitask and be situationally-aware

Also, lots of video games today require players to adapt to the situation and be heedful of possible changes in the game. Strategy games allow us to be flexible and quick in changing tactics. More than that, we learn multitasking without noticing it.

Follow directions and calculate

Video games sharpen our reading and math skills. These games are designed to let us follow instructions accurately and analyze logically. Recognizing patterns is made easy as well.

Take risks

As players, we completely understand that the total opposite of winning is losing. But then, these video games taught us that we can?t win if we don?t take the risk. Risk-taking is a skill to survive in real-life.

Indeed, video games hold a handful of benefits to us. However, it also entails several disadvantages, especially on children. Some video games have violent content that can cause aggressive behavior among young ones.

Thus, children may try to emulate the behavior portrayed in these games because they are overly exposed to wrong values. These videos can steal their attention from school as children prefer video games rather than going to school. Moreover, the health issue is another thing too. Overexposure to video games can result in obesity, poor eyesight, weakening of joints, and muscles among little ones.  

In a nutshell, video games have good sides and bad sides. Therefore, proper regulation is deemed necessary.?

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