Kiddie Gadgets for Your Little Ones As You Travel

Kiddie Gadgets to Keep Your Little Ones Occupied While You Travel

Children, by nature, are hard to manage. It takes a lot of focus, patience, and creativity to keep them occupied. Traveling with these little fellows is a way much difficult than you thought. A long ride gets kids bored and out of control. Luckily, technology has fashioned several kiddie gadgets that can keep these alpha generation kids happy.

As a parent, perfecting the art of handling the little ones at the back seat is a must.

Listed below are four of the numerous gadgets that parents can make use of to keep their children busy as they take a trip. These gadgets have helped many parents pull off a dream trip even with restless kids around.

With the apps that you can download on these gadgets, you won’t hear your kids asking typical questions like “Are we there yet? “while you are on the road.

Top 4 Best Kiddie Gadgets

1. Tablet

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As the iPad came out some years ago, tablets? popularity has gone out of hand. Unlike smartphones, a tablet has a longer battery life and a bigger screen. It is perfect for watching movies if you are in the middle of the road. No doubt, your kids will love it more if you will fill it with games, fun apps, and offline TV shows. Download some coloring book apps and get ready to fire up your kids? artistic side.

A Nook Tablet is a kids? favorite. It gives children a superb comics reading experience. Children?s books will surely captivate the heart of these young readers.

2. iPod Touch

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An iPod touch is much easier to carry than a tablet. Although it fits well with individuals of all ages, it is a good pick for younger ones. With iPod touch, children can watch their favorite movies, play games, and listen to podcasts and music on-the-go. They can also enjoy taking HD videos as they comfortably take a seat at the back. A happy family vacation must be well-documented, in the first place.  

IPod can exchange i-messages and texts with other iOs devices as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. Video-chatting via FaceTime is also within its capabilities.

3. LeapFrog LeapPad

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Over the years, LeapFrog never failed to help thousands of parents teach their little ones with the basics of reading and arithmetic. LeapPad is a tablet that stores an amazing collection of educational content that kids find irresistible. Its 5-inch screen and 2GB built-in storage allow whatever kids want to do on the gadget- from recording videos down to creating their own stories or voice narrations.  

4. VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet

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This gadget works similarly with an iPad wherein your kids can play interactive ebooks that include animation, sounds and music, character voices, and story narration. These little ones will surely take pleasure in watching the words being highlighted as they read. For children who have just started learning reading, bumping into some words that are difficult to read is not a problem. They can simply touch a word and hear them being pronounced.

VTech InnoTab is designed to have a motion sensor and a touch screen to allow the kids to enjoy the learning apps and games. If they found all these games exhausting, they can go ahead and take selfies. They can also listen to their favorite songs since it has a built-in MP3 player. Added to its features are photo viewer, notepad, address book, clock, calendar, and a calculator.

Kiddie Gadgets: Final Note

Parenthood must not push us to give up travel.

Taking our little ones on a journey means packing up more than just a suitcase of stuff but also a huge amount of patience. With all these gadgets in place, traveling with our little ones must not have to be a nightmare. These gadgets can keep our kids happy and us (parents) stress-free as we journey a few miles away from home.

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