Landlords Generous Gesture Amidst COVID-19

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Coronavirus is such a monster. As the virus affects many countries, people were locked inside their homes- jobless. Businesses closed. People starved. Some people find nowhere to go for help. Let’s admit it. We were caught unguarded. That being said, some landlords took the matters on their own hands by showing a generous gesture that tenants would surely love.

What are the Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak to Apartment Tenants?

The virus outbreak has pushed many young workers to take unpaid leave from work. Businesses face financial challenges as well. An abrupt income-drop among tenants is noticeable. The major cashflow problem is undeniable.

Landlords’ Generous Gesture: In Detail

As banks and other financial institutions manage to have payment holiday for customers, some landlords also decided to make a difference during these tough days. They believe that they could sympathetically alleviate the problem by providing tenants with a one-month rent break.

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A Generous Gesture: How Do Landlords Help Renters during Coronavirus?  

Tenants need help.

This inspires landlords to use a more radical approach to building or apartment rental. They waive rental for April. At first, the idea was not reasonable for some apartment owners who foresee a big business loss with rent break. But as days passed, more and more generous landlords embraced the idea. As a result, thousands of tenants get helped.

For landlords who couldn?t afford to lose, another rental scheme was presented. These landlords offered to pay the April rental on the later months but requested them to pay more in these months cover up missed payment.

As featured in EWTN New Nightly, Mario Salerno?s strong faith and value to life alleviate the financial dilemma that his tenants currently face due to COVID-19. Mario owns an auto body shop, a gas station, and eighty apartments in Williamsburg. This generous man has waived a one-month apartment rental to his 200 tenants. He even left a note outside their doors, asking them to stay home, be safe, and help one another.

What Can Landlords Do for Their Tenants’ Welfare?

Everybody is vulnerable. Landlords should have the heart to ensure that all tenants are well-protected. Their safety should be the topmost priority.  

1. To avoid anxiety and panic among tenants, preparation is important.

2. Education is the best weapon against COVID-19.

Informed tenants who are made aware of correct handwashing practices decrease their vulnerability. Advising them to wear a mask when going outside or when feeling sick is helpful too.

3. Ensure hygiene in apartments.

Building or apartment owners could provide hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps in common areas such as lobby, game rooms, and gyms. This is to ensure that these areas will not become hotbeds for virus transmission.

4. Provide tenants with safety guidelines to fight COVID-19.

Coronavirus is, indeed, a monster. However, this pandemic serves as a restart button for all of us. This disease taught us to save money rather than overspend.

Generous Gesture: A Lesson Learned

It taught us the value of generosity and good hygiene too. Lastly, it brought us back to the basics. The time spent we with the people we love is far more important than dedicating all our time to working and getting ourselves rich.

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