Life After Quarantine: Best Places to Go

Life After Quarantine: Best Places to Go

Do you love to travel? A lot of people do. Unfortunately, our situation hinders us to do so. As you can see, the world stops because of coronavirus. But then, don’t feel hopeless. Everything will be cleared up soon. We will be able to travel again. Have a list of the best places to go after quarantine.

Below is a list of ten amazing places to travel after quarantine. 

Top Ten Best Places to Travel After Quarantine

Top 1: Tayrona National Park in Colombia

The jungle meets the ocean. 

You can enjoy the jungle and the beach together. Who wouldn?t love to see monkeys jumping around you as you hike towards your Cabo San Juan? 

woman sitting and holding cup of coffee

This is the best camping spot that you could ever imagine. Explore nature all you want. 

Top 2: Ha Giang in Vietnam?

fish eye photography on woman riding motor scooter with man on bridge

The popular Ha Giang Loop is one of the reasons why many travelers keep on visiting the country. You will get the chance to see the most incredible landscapes in the world. Simply rent a motorbike at some bucks a day and be astonished by its mountains. What makes it more stunning is the fact that a much better view awaits you in the next curve.

Top 3: Road B35 in Sri Lanka?

three elephants passing on road

This isn?t the usual road. Since it runs towards a natural park, elephants come up to the road is the reason why tourists keep on visiting the place. Let?s admit that being able to see these wild animals in person is stunning. So, get your hands ready for the wheel and enjoy the view.

Top 4: Siargao Island in the Philippines

The Philippines takes pride in this palm tree- jungled beach paradise. The fact that this has grown to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia proves how stunning it is. Siargao has huge waves that are perfect for surfing. As a surfing capital of the country, it is the best place to learn surfing from talented surfers.

woman carrying surfboard

Aside from surfing, you can go on boat tours and island hopping and get ready to discover the beauty of its neighboring islands. 

Top 5: Tumpak Sewu in Java Indonesia

A beast waterfall! It is insanely fantastic.

watrefalls during daytie

This place gives you the feeling of being into some kind of fairytale movie. It can give you a magnificent view of the entire place from the top. Taking an adventurous trail is cool. Thus, traveling to this destination is like wandering around a beautiful Jurassic world. 

Top 6: Monument Valley in Arizona-Utah Border

Its iconic towering red sandstone formation has become a symbol of Western culture as featured by many movies. Spending a night camping inside the monument valley is great. Though it is restricted, your travel agency can take care of it. 

Top 7: Kuang Si Falls in Laos

silhouette photo of three person near tall trees

This is one of the most iconic falls in Southeast Asia. The vibrance of its blue waters seems like a fantasy for many. Imagine how perfect it is to have a close encounter with different tiers of pools. Go hiking and swimming and get stunned with the awesome vision of the jungle. For people who love nature and adventure, this is for you. 

Top 8: San Gil in Colombia

white and red parachute

It is known as the Extreme Outdoor Capital of Colombia. You will be tongue-tied with the views from above. Try a bunch of unforgettable first-time extreme adventure here. This is cool for paragliding, kayaking, and white-water rafting.

Top 9: Kawasan Falls in the Philippines

Kawasan is such a stunning waterfall that gives you adventures that are beyond expectations. Canyoneering is a must-try. You can hike, swim, and jump off its cliffs. Get your life?s greatest jump in the superbly unrealistic blue waters of Kawasan Falls. 

Top 10: Coast of Montenegro. 

The amazing landscape around Kotor Fortress is remarkable. Indulge yourself to the crystal-clear waters and explore its beautiful mountains overlooking its beautiful bay. Visit the caves through boats and witness the sunset in Lustica Peninsula.  

Life is short.

The coronavirus reminds us that there are so many places in the world that are worth a visit. So, get your luggage ready and buckle up to travel all these amazing destinations the moment it ends.??

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