More Refunds Coming Your Way


To sympathize with people who lost their “bread and butter” due to the outbreak, some businesses gave out more refunds which everybody loves to redeem. Providing refunds to customers amidst the crisis is highly encouraged among these businesses. This is a concrete attestation of how fair and honest these businesses in their journey for exemplary customer care and service. 

The world economy was temporarily immobilized by the coronavirus outbreak. While people locked themselves up in their homes, essential businesses remained to operate for everybody’s needs for food, medicine, and other vital necessities. Only grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and telecommunications-related businesses were allowed to do business as usual. 

What are More Refunds- Providing Businesses?

Hospitality and Travel

Travel cancellations due to COVID-19 entitle you for a refund. It could be in the form of a voucher or credit note. These vouchers should have a longer expiration date, enough to allow customers to use it once the pandemic ends. Some airlines and travel companies issue a voucher, replacement service or refund. 

1.United Airlines

For booked flights between March 3 and March 31, 2020, you can rebook it next year for free. United Airlines is giving out a travel credit or a cash refund that is of the same value to your ticket. This is applicable to flight cancellations due to travel restrictions and delayed flights for more than six hours. This travel credit is valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. You will receive a cash refund in twelve months.

2.Delta Airlines

Go ahead and rebook your flights for free most especially with domestic and international flights between March and May. But have it not later than the last day of the year.

3. American Airlines

It offers free rebooking of flights from March 1 to 31, 2020. You can your flight online if you still do not have plans to travel anytime this year. You can rebook it sometime next year at no change fee.

Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and Air France joined the party in providing travel credit or refunds to COVID-19-affected flights. 

Vacation Rentals and Hotels

Hotels are always very flexible when it comes to reservations and cancellations. Today’s pandemic makes these hotels more consumer-friendly as they provide a wide array of options that its clients would surely love to grab. 

Marriott International

It allows its customers to cancel or change reservations 24 hours before arrival at no cost.?


Hilton waive the change fee and issue full refunds to non-cancellable reservations. As long as reservations are set before April 30, 2020, you can get your refund.

Intercontinental Hotel Group

It won’t charge for booking changes and cancellations for reservations between March 9 and April 30, 2020. For stays beyond the 30th day of April, flexible rates with amazing add-ons will be offered.?

Airbnb issued an updated cancellation and change policy. Customers can get a full refund for their reservation. As long as it was made not later than March 14, 2020 with a check-in date between March 14 and April 14, 2020. Thus, service fees are to be refunded too. 

Travel Insurance Companies

Travel insurances will cover travel disruptions if the purchase is before January 27, 2020 will cover travel disruptions. However, you are lucky if you are a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance policyholder. You can claim a 75% reimbursement of the trip cost if the upgrade was done within 14 to 21 days after setting an initial trip deposit. 

These are just a few of the many businesses that provide refunds to its consumers. Thus, grab more refunds on gym memberships, food delivery services, wedding cancellations, telecommunication services, and event cancellations. Claim what is yours. The internet can help you learn more about these refunds.

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