Packing Tips and Checklist for a Business Traveler

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Having a list of the things to pack for a business trip cuts down stress and saves time. Planning on what to bring is worth the effort even though major airlines these days charge you a separate fee for checking in your bags. Going on a business trip is indeed very overwhelming. Hold up the added stress as you find out that there is no more room in the overhead compartment for your bag. Things like that happen. Before letting the crew put your bag at the back of the plane, relax and check it well. Everything will be alright if you mastered the packing tips for travel.

A bad plan is worse than not planning at all.

There are a couple of things that business travelers should remember when packing things for a trip. 

Top 10 Surefire Business Travel Packing Tips 

Plan your every look from head to toe. 

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Layout each outfit on the bed along with your shoes, jewelry, bag, and other accessories that you plan to wear on a certain day or event. This frees up space in your luggage without messing up the appropriateness of your attire for each event or meeting. 

Choose a complementary outfit. 

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In choosing outfits for the business trip, choose one basic color for bottoms and stick with it. Be it a black, brown, or blue skirt or pants- you decide. Packing up a single coat is perfect. Build your business outfits on that chosen coat. You may grab some printed and solid-colored tops, sweaters, and blouses that work beautifully with your bottoms. Consistency of the color liberates you from bringing belts in different colors and numerous pairs of shoes.  

A carry-on is perfect. 

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For most business travelers, time is precious. As much as possible, avoid bringing luggage for a day or two-day travel. Save yourself from the baggage carousel. Worrying about a misplaced bag is nothing but a terrible headache. Keep the luxury handbag and laptop along with the most important outfit in your carry-on. Be sure to manage the space intelligently and you are good to go. 

Invest in a nice suitcase. 

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Frequent business travelers must create a great impression on clients. A nice travel bag is a perfect way to do it. Whether you like it or not, you might need to bring your travel bags along with you in meeting a client. You can?t imagine how a bag in shreds can cause a bad impression on them. 

Pack tiny but attractive gifts (One of the most important packing tips). 

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We are still on creating good impression folks. Handing a desirable gift to a friend or a client is a gesture of thoughtfulness. It helps build rapport.  

Two or three pairs of shoes do the trick. 

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Grab a pair of black heels, boots, and black flats. These pairs work perfectly with all your business and casual attires. But then, if you think that you will be on foot most of the time, pack a pair of shoes that is comfortable rather than stylish. 

Have two extra pairs of socks and underwear. 

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How many days is your travel? Pack each pair of socks and underwear for each day. Never forget to have two pairs of socks and two underwear extra. You might want to freshen up a little and change clothes. Grab sleepwear too. Rather than bringing a robe, have a top style pajama that can be buttoned down in front.   


Keep the hairspray, conditioner, shampoo, toothpaste, facial cleanser, make-up, and a razor in a toiletry bag. Air travel restrictions need you to have all these toiletries packed in quart-size plastic. Make sure that they do not exceed three ounces. Place the toiletry bag in an outside pocket of your carry-on or on top of your suitcase for ease in having them checked during security checkpoints. 

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Purse and Business Cards

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Wherever you go, always bring with you a travel purse containing your wallet, ID, mints, phone, medication, and a small makeup bag. Have enough business cards in every business travel. You might bump into spectacular business opportunities along the way. 

Charger and Power Bank

Bring a wall charger, a portable charger, a car charger, and a power bank. A drained phone battery can get on your nerves so badly. 

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Whether you are a travel warrior or you are a first-time business traveler, the knowledge on effectively packing up for a trip is a vital skill. Over-packing is a no go. But then, you cannot afford to miss anything, don?t you? Knowing some of these business travel hacks steers you clear from awful incidents that most business travelers bumped in to. 

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