These Sites Will Definitely Make You Smarter

These Sites Will Definitely Make You Smarter

You wouldn’t believe that you are bringing with you the wealth of knowledge every day. Your smartphone gives you the power to be at your best anywhere and anytime. When it comes to access to resources and information, you can never go wrong with the internet.┬áThese things can make you smarter.

The sky is the limit as most people say. The great works of tech engineers as paired with the ubiquity of smartphones make many people cleverer. These killer websites below have knocked people’s socks off. Get to know them and get ready to monopolize the knowledge.

10 Best Sites that Make You Smarter


One of the most highly recommended sites is Duolingo. It is both a site and an app that allows you to learn a variety of languages on your own. Unlike other language-teaching websites, Duolingo delivers the promise of multilingualism at no extra cost. Speaking and understanding English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese can now be learned anytime and anywhere. With this site, you turn out to be a polyglot in a couple of months. However, the diligence you spend in using this site does the trick this time. 

Khan Academy

Indeed, getting into college is not a thing for everybody since not all can afford it. The amount of money required to complete a college degree can be overwhelming. In-depth knowledge of tertiary subjects is within an easy reach with Khan Academy. It is a site that allows you to become skilled at subjects and courses that are normally taught in universities and colleges. It allows you to be educated with humanities, economics, and finance, etc without having to worry about tuition. The platform evaluates your learning and progress.


It is every student?s challenge to do homework and prepare for exams. CliffsNotes gives these young folks some helpful resources and study guides on subjects that they are expected to go over. Thousands of high school and college students have found their way out from the dark art of homework with this site.

Project Gutenberg 

Can you imagine creating your own library containing thousands of free e-books? Project Gutenberg gives you free download access to these amazing tons of e-books legally and for free.


Mastering recall plays a vital role in memorizing information. Anki is the home of thousands of flashcards online that can help you recall things and information quicker. As compared with other sites that are also designed for this exact purpose, Anki is flexible enough to let you embed videos, images, texts, and audios on these online flashcards. As a result, studying and recalling things have turned out to be smarter and easier.


For a couple of years now, TED talks have benefitted the public with free insights coming from not less than the world?s smartest individuals and experts in their field. The app offers tons of video lectures that can help you catch up on the latest talks. Not just that, it also gives you the learning growth of a seminar straight from your phone. So, go ahead and cross out the travel cost because you don?t need such with TED.


Don?t get fooled by its name. The site allows you to get to know other cultures on all sides of the globe. It is an amazing website that allows you to be on a social network with other community locals and connect with other travelers. It enables you to build a connection and create new experiences with new acquaintances.

Justin Guitar

Music-inclined people would love Justin Guitar. The site teaches you the basics of playing the guitar on your own. Although playing the guitar isn?t that easy to learn, this site can help you out. It contains hundreds of free guitar lessons in various styles. So, if you are one of the many people who want to pick the guitar up, you can never go wrong with Justin Guitar.


Consider it as your biggest leap in winning a job. Smarterer tests your skills and abilities. Be it in writing or programming. It allows you to take a set of skill tests that give you the proof of qualification needed to land a job.


The last on the list, HackADay is the home of all the hacks and tricks that you can utilize on a day-to-day basis. You love knowing how to fix a faulty Apple charger or build a movie prop in an incredibly easy way, don?t you? With HackADay, you have everything under control.

The bottom line is that there is a wide array of websites and apps that can make people cleverer and smarter. These days, the power of the internet makes almost everything effortless and on the spot. Fortunately, its generosity has provided us with the things we wish to know- from home remedies down to finance and investment. More and more people have started to take on to the new opportunities of learning new things at their fingertips. Take advantage of these sites and you?ll see a smarter version of you.

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