Top 4 Picks for Monitoring Software

Monitoring Software

Monitoring tool is a must-have for every employer because every cent counts. That in mind, you need a clear-cut monitoring tool to help you sneak through your employees’ activities versus the tasks that you pay them for. Fortunately, there is a lot of employee monitoring software that you can lean on.

Considering the increased number of remote workers these days, an employee monitoring tool has become a necessity for employers. As someone who pays somebody, you deserve to have an honest record of how your employees make use of their time at work.

The geographical gap must not hinder you from knowing what they take on. You have the right to know if they perform their responsibilities efficiently.

For small business owners who have very limited financial resources, paying for someone who does nothing but watch funny cat videos or troll his Instagram is a total waste of money. What a mess, I must say. Can you afford to waste your time and money for a horrible employee behavior?

You don’t have to answer the question though. Lend me your ear, instead.

Listed below are the four most popular employee monitoring software that you can use. This list has helped thousands of employers ensure optimum work performance. I hope that you can find something interesting in it. Read on when you are ready.

4 Best Employee Monitoring Software in 2020


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If you are a small business owner who desires to keep track of your employees’ activities, ActivTrak is the name you can count on. Firstly, it is software that comes with a free version. It monitors everything that your employees. Moreover, it has unbelievable reliability in content filtering, activity tracking, and website monitoring. But then, you are encouraged to use the paid version if you got more than three employees to monitor.

Notably speaking, ActivTrak’s paid version is very affordable. For as low as $7.20 per user each month, you can take advantage of the site?s advanced features. To name a few are USB device detection, remote agent installer, and security audit. When it comes to human resource management, all these things are valuable. Without a doubt, ActivTrak is a great investment to look forward to.


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Do you want to make sure that your employees are focused on the task and that your company’s sensitive data remains secure? If so, Teramind is something to consider. Being second on the list, it is considered as one of the best monitoring tools that let you track employees’ actions. In addition, it records screenshots and live chats. It also sets alert every time there exists any deviation of expected user behavior.

Teramind’s versatility and user-friendly interface give you enough reasons to believe that you get more than what you pay for. For as low as $12 per user monthly, you keep track of your employees? behavior efficiently.


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Aside from being reasonably-priced, SentryPC is easy-to-use. It is a monitoring tool that is purposely designed for small businesses. Not just that, it manages content filtering and random screen capture. Additionally, it prevents data loss, records keystroke logging, and detects inactivity alerts.

As far as the subscription is concerned, SentryPC’s annual license can be availed at a practical cost. But if you wish to add 500 more screenshots storage, simply send out a one-time payment of $19.95 and you are good to go.  


Productivity, you say?

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At two-user minimum, you can take advantage of Hubstaff?s surveillance sophisticated features. It is great for employers who pay freelancers or contractors on an hourly basis. The moment it detects inactivity on an employee?s PC, idle prompts pop up asking an employee to press a key if he wishes to keep on tracking their time.

The beauty of Hubstaff does not end there. The tool monitors applications and websites, evaluates user activity concerning mouse and keyboard usage, and takes random screenshots.

Not bad for $7 per user each month, isn?t it?

Monitoring Software: The Bottom Line

Looking at a broad spectrum, all these software serve an equal purpose- to help employers see how their remote employees utilize their time at work. It is safe to say that through these tools, inefficient work performance is no more a problem. With this tool in place, employers would be able to find out if the person they offered employment with is worth the investment.  

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