Top Calendar Apps To Use For Your Business

calendar apps

Business owners’ top priority is improving the employees’ and businesses’ productivity. A vital part that you should have are calendar apps. Without a Calendar, it will be hard to remember important meetings, deadlines, and events. Unlike the paper calendar, it’s also a lot easier to change and edit entries when you are using a shared calendar app and this could be your ultimate lifesaver.

There are a lot of features that you should consider in finding the best calendar apps. Is it user friendly and intuitive? Does it require minimal navigation? Does it have a primary function of allowing you to organize everyone’s schedule?  These are just a few.


You’ve probably heard of Asana. It is more than just a shared calendar app, it is a top-notch collaboration tool that helps teams manage all kinds of tasks. It includes task management, communication and reporting tools, and more. Asana does not offer a FREE plan, but you can use the FREE version to try it out. 


Calendly is the best calendar app for scheduling meetings. It works really well with your calendar and automatically checks your availability. Calendly has an individual and team version of its calendar platform with a free trial period to see if it works for your business. The basic version remains free while upgrades to Premium is $8 per user per month or Pro for $12 per user per month, both of which expand the level of functionality. Feel free to customize Calendly the way you want it. Another good thing about Calendly is it can be integrated easily with apps like PayPal, Stripe, GoToMeeting, Salesforce, Zapier, and more.

A straightforward platform where the calendar has direct integration with Any.Do To-Do List. It is available on mobile and desktop but most users recommend using it on mobile as it is very easy to use and the mobile interface just gives you all tools you would need. It also reminds you of your birthdays and allows you to painlessly coordinate meetings. is a great option for any type of user. You can also be used to assign tasks, share lists, and capture tasks using voice. It is easy to sign up and get started because the platform offers a FREE subscription. If you need it for work, you can opt to upgrade to their premium version. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most obvious choices. It is the official calendar for Android devices and it also works well on iPhones. It is very user-friendly and simple to use whether you are on your phone or computer. You can easily create multiple calendars in one place using a Google account. It can also be connected to almost everything else on the market. This platform is a lifesaver as it can easily be synced across all devices and browsers as long as you are logged in with your Google account,  you can easily add events, create recurring appointments, book things like flights or concert tickets and receive reminders via email or text.


If you are a Windows user, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, Outlook Calendar is the best calendar app for you. It is more than a personal information manager. It unifies everything and that includes your calendar, email, notes, tasks, and contacts into one view. Having the option to share calendars with your team is its greatest strength.

The app is FREE but if you subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365, you will have access to its premium features which makes it more significant to your business. Another plus is that if you’re already using Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar can sync the important dates.

Take a pick with the best calendar apps like Asana, Calendly,, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

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