Top Songs To Motivate While You Work From Home

Music has been said to be the purest form of art. It is a universal form of entertainment where one can freely express their emotions, beauty and creativity. Songs to motivate have become a popular pick.

There is no denying. You listen to music when you road trip with friends. People listen to songs when riding a train. You play it when you chase deadlines.

Life is full of stress with responsibilities. When this anxiety starts growing set your playlist and listen to your favorite song and it instantly gives a relaxing effect on our mind and it leads to you having a better mood.

If you’re looking for music that will motivate and inspire you while most of us are facing the new normal and work from the comfort of our homes, this is the article for you. Time to build your work playlist. 

Best Songs to Motivate

Rihanna – “Work” Feat. Drake

This track had become so iconic and sold over 250 million records. You will experience Last Song Syndrome because the catchy beat is hard to forget and for sure you will get back to work while you sing along to the lyrics, “work, work, work, work”.

Survivor by Destiny’s Child

Pretty sure you remember this. This was a song dedicated to strong women. A woman who decided to leave their lover and promise themselves that they will work harder and never give up. A very encouraging song that you will surely take the message to heart most especially during these trying times. Most of us, at some point we have to stumble a couple of roadblocks but got up and came back stronger.?

Wiz Khalifa – “Work Hard, Play Hard”

This track can be applied to any form of work. May it be working hard to achieve your weight goal at the gym or you are trying to finish a deadline, the motivating beats will get you your energy up. Wiz Khalifa brings this famous motto to life. So if you ever be in a position where you need to push your self into achieving a huge milestone, don’t forget to throw this tune and listen to it on repeat. 

More Songs to Motivate for You

Dont Stop Me Now by Queen

The title of this song says it all. This is the perfect motivational tune to kickstart your week. A reminder that when you are determined to achieve something big nothing and no one can stop you. 

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

This is one of those legendary songs that even up to this day, it gives you chills. This song was produced by Journey in 1981 and for sure you also remember Glee’s version of it that reminded us how powerful this song is. It was a song, telling a story but the melody and hooks of the chorus will surely make you sing along. And if you are a fan of karaoke, this can be your killer song.

Here are just a few but there are so many songs out there that can help you relax when you are feeling the momentary burnout and struggling to be productive. Always remember that you can grab your headphones and phone and play that music.

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